Must-Have Kitchen Equipments

The Most Important Kitchen Item For Cooking

While the ultimate answer to the question regarding what is the most important kitchen item for cooking will ultimately depend on the type of cooking you enjoy doing, for most people the answer is very similar. A good quality chefs knife. This article will discuss why this is the case, what you should look for in a good quality chef knife and about the variety of options to choose from the nearest Restaurant supply store!

For a kitchen accessory to be essential it must be used regularly and no item in a kitchen is used as frequently as a kitchen knife. Day in and day out it is used by chefs both professional and amateur and investing in a high quality kitchen knife is an essential part of your kitchen.


Finding the right one can be difficult as there are many different options on the market that you can choose between. There are knives made in varying sizes and from varying substances and with many different competing manufacturers all who cite the superiority of their brand. This article will discuss what to look for first and foremost in a high quality chefs knife.

First begin with the material. Stainless steel by far is the most popular choice and for many good reasons. The material is affordable but cuts well, is easy to clean and doesn’t rust easily. Stainless steel knives are durable and dependable and can easily be sharpened. While some prefer more exotic metals in their knives those are often easier to rust and harder to clean. Ceramic knives are becoming more popular but these have their own limitations and are not as durable. For most people then stainless steel knives are the best option.


Next, you should consider the design and functionality of the chef’s knife, as well as its aesthetic look. A solid piece of metal is considered the best as there are no other parts that can break, though many people prefer a wooden handle for the overall feel of the knife. Either which way find a model that feels right in your hand and be sure to choose a knife that can be sharpened with a diamond studded sharpener and be sure to sharpen the knife regularly for the best results.

Next, choose a manufacturer. There are many high quality manufacturers of knives including US based knife makers like Ken Onion, German brands like Wustof, and Japanese brands like Global, Shun and others. Don’t just limit yourself to this list but do your research and find knife makers who offer interesting knives that look good in your hand and which cut well and you will have your most important kitchen accessory in place. Don’t trim your budget too much or select the cheapest option out there as given the importance of a knife in your daily life, any money is likely money well spent.