Fitness & Nutrition

Our bodies are very important to us. They are the universal vessels that hold our souls and sync out physical existence with the earth. Our bodies as they say, are temples. Temples of life, temples of continuation in this circle we call life.

If we are to exist on a physical scale we need our bodies. We need in turn to take care of our bodies. What we feed our bodies has a direct effect on our heath. We take proteins for building of muscle and our bodies, carbohydrates for energy and glucose regulation and different vitamins to help keep healthy. Every food type has its benefits or disadvantages to our bodies and they all come from different sources; eggs, milk, potatoes.


Our society has evolved into a people of fast foods and greasy quick fixes and takeout’s. The kitchen as we know it is slowly growing into a storage space for beers and soft drinks as more people shift towards the fast food culture. This has led to the progression of obese populace numbers and worrying health related diseases, especially in more developed countries.
Taking care of ourselves and our bodies is a choice only one can make for themselves. You don’t just wake up one day and say you’re going to be healthier, lose a couple of pounds and expect everything to fall into play. NO, it takes a lot more than that.  The esiest thing you can do it to start taking all natural supplements that are proven to increase weight loss, dr oz forskolin is the leading brand of supplements that can get you to your desired weight goal.


Exercising can be distinguished as the act of engaging in physical activities to improve health and fitness. Exercising is one of the surest ways of weight loss. It’s the miracle we’ve always had that very few realized they had. The more you put into it, the better the results. The thing about exercising is at first it can be discouraging as the results take a while to show but a patient mind will be overwhelmed by how much one can gain from routine exercising.


Exercising can be done by any demographic regardless of age or gender, it just takes a committed attitude. Different exercises target specific arrangements of muscles. You can choose different routines according to what fits you best. Exercising can be done anywhere as long as theirs space and does not necessarily require a gym. There are weightless exercises that can even be done at work with just a few minutes to pardon. It can include the simplest of daily activities like walking or even driving. The more you do this activities and stay active, the better it is for your health.
Intensive workouts yield better results compared to moderately exercising. The more sweat you break the more calories you burn.